Zelo is a startup of caregiver services, with flexible plans and hours appropriate to the needs of each client. Through a web system developed by App Masters, customers are able to search for the ideal professional, placing the necessary requirements, such as patient transport, medications, bath, etc. Then, the availability of the professionals is checked, and the client can select the professional who has the preference. The system we developed guarantees the hiring of professionals in up to 40 minutes, efficiently and without bureaucracy.

The professional has an easy to register platform, in which he places the services he is willing to provide. Whenever a service comes up, he is notified and can choose to do the service or not. And at the end of the service, the value is available on the professional’s platform. Zelo is a solution that can complement a person’s income when working as a caregiver, or even working full time. It is an innovation that makes life easier for those who hire and those who are hired, because it is all online, fast and secure.

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