Hospital bed management

In the first week which the coronavirus infected the first people in Juiz de Fora, the Secretary of Economical Development, Romulo Veiga, contacted our CEO to request support help on some fronts. After a few meetings it was decided that we would assist on two projects: hospitals bed management and guarantee access to resources for families in situations of vulnerability.

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The most emergency was the monitoring of the hospital occupancy rate and bed management, as that would be the best place to accompany the growth of the pandemic in the city and where the public authorities would make their decisions. Our CEO, Tiago Gouvêa, was in charge of this project.


Front of the urgency to implement something fast, it was chosen to use a mixture of Google Script, Google Forms, Google Sheets and Google Data Studio to achieve the desired result, other than the usual tools we use on daily projects.

All hospitals in the city answer daily their information, such as: occupied beds, occupied ICU beds, beds occupied with COVID patients, suspected cases, confirmed cases, total medical staff, quarantined medical staff, COVID suspected deaths, among others.

Technologies used

    All those information are validated and consolidated in a datasource to provide data to a dashboard made with Google Data Studio, with intense participation of Secretary Romulo Veiga.

    The end result is a simple system, which uses tools and technologies already available with low code, but which brings a great benefit for the city hall and the health department.

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