Going Up

How good would it be for our health, if instead of using elevators, we used stairs, and still get points for it!

It was from that idea that Tiago Gouvêa, the CEO of App Masters, created Going Up, an app that encourages people to exercise using stairs and be more active.

The project was developed as part of a selection process, and then continued under development as an Internal Project.

Development details

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When starting to use the app, the user has the option to include a new staircase, either from home or from work. Then a PDF containing the QRCodes of the staircase is available for printing and attaching it to the staircase in the respective floors.

Person going up a staircase and reading a QRCode

Anyone who goes down or up the stairs can scan the QRCode, which at first will suggest the user install the app. If the app is already installed, every time you go up or down the stairs the user will earn points and have its place in the user ranking.

Technologies used


We developed a web app using React that was made available through Firebase hosting, and also published an Android version on Google Play.

Backend was implemented with Node and MongoDb, and served by Heroku.

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