Helping vulnerable families during the COVID-19 quarantine

Helping vulnerable families during the COVID-19 quarantine

With the COVID-19 quarantine starting in March and without knowing when it will end, it is expected that 25% of the country will need some sort of assistance, especially some families with very little or zero income having children that rely on the school's lunch to eat daily and which schools are closed.

Integrate the target audience the fastest way possible

The time was against us. Many families lost all their income due to the quarantine and were depending on the help to be able to survive since most of the assistance programs that already existed were not prepared for the new reality with the growing number of people needing help.

Other solutions to minimize the quarantine problems were in progress in other cities, using incoming transfer through online bank accounts and forms on online apps. But the target audience of the project often don't have much income, with no access to the internet or knowledge to use complex applications, so the Juiz de Fora city was looking for a fast solution to the problem.

Dealing directly with the markets

To avoid all possible difficulties for the families, we tried to minimize it in order to limit their interactions with the application and make it a landing page where they can see the balance in the program, the registered stores, and get more information.

This way, the main application is aimed at store employees who communicate all the purchases to the online server and allow the families to simply buy what they need.

Since a localized solution was chosen, an open-source approach allowed other cities to get the source code and use the same solution in their reality, easily adapting anything necessary and putting their own version online.

Being helped with low effort

Almost 14 thousand families will be registered directly on the application by the city secretary, each one of the families being able to spend their credits directly on the registered markets without any required interaction with the application.

The first version was available in less than one month, but we still working on updates to allow the application to be used in any city that is looking for the same solution.

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Hospital bed management for COVID-19 pandemic

The application we developed to the Health Secretary acts as a consolidated data warehouse which hospital leaders and state authorities can use to get more informed and to estimate how demand might increase over the coming days/weeks. The online tool allows them not only to better understand the impact the virus will have on hospital demand but mostly to help them make the best decisions accordingly. In these pressuring moments, it is crucial that decision-makers access all variable information in order to make fast decisions and share information with their colleagues.

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